One-on-one interview with former MN Secretary of State Joan Growe

Former Minnesota Secretary of State Joan Anderson Growe made it her mission to ensure the state eliminated as many barriers as possible for people to vote.

Growe was on the front end of mail-in ballots, same-day voter registration and, yes, the iconic “I Voted” sticker. Still to this day, Minnesota is regularly a national leader in voter turnout, largely because of her efforts.

Growe sat down with Tom Hauser on “At Issue” to explain her methodology and why it matters.

“I just love the idea of getting people involved in the legislative process and the political process and the voting process,” Growe told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. “We had a philosophy in our office that voting is a right. It’s not a privilege we grant you. It’s a right that elected officials and particularly elections administrators are supposed to help you carry out that right to vote.”

Growe, who currently lives in Minneapolis, also partnered with former Star Tribune columnist Lori Sturdevant to write “Turnout: Making the State That Votes.” The book is a must-read for anyone interested in Minnesota’s political history.

At Issue: Nov. 8 — Local election races with republicans continuing Senate majority, DFL control the House