House DFL members propose their measures for public safety budget bill

House DFLers on Thursday revealed what they want in the public safety budget bill being proposed at the Minnesota Capitol.

The list names many items that have been mentioned previously. The proposals include:

  • Limits to traffic stops
  • Statewide policy on law enforcement interaction with protesters
  • Prohibiting police from joining white supremacy groups
  • Local oversight boards
  • Adjustments to no-knock warrants

Legislators held a session Thursday at the Capitol afternoon to discuss the bill. However, GOP members are likely to leave any police reform-related items out of the bill as they have stated the bill is for budget reasons only.

Sen. Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, R-East Gull Lake, stated last week he doesn’t believe there is an issue with policing since a police reform bill was passed last summer. That package of police accountability measures included a ban on neck restraints, chokehold and warrior-style training.

"We need to let last year’s bill play out before we do anything more," he said.

Gazelka said the proposal doesn’t include any new tax increases, which has been a priority for Republicans as Walz and Democrats have proposed raising taxes for married couples earning more than $1 million and individuals earning more than $500,000 per year.

The Senate GOP leader also called for all Paycheck Protection Program loans to businesses to be forgiven, which Walz has also said he’d support working through. Many states have already approved similar loan forgiveness measures.

Gazelka also said all penalties against businesses that committed COVID-19 violations should be waived.