Gov. Walz signs 21 bills into law

Wednesday, Gov. Tim Walz signed 21 bills into law.

The measures included support for farmers and meat processing plants through COVID-19, more than $70 million in support for renewable energy projects and other technical changes.

"This package of legislation is a product of the extensive bipartisan collaboration that has taken place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to support our farmers with mental health and safety resources, combat the opioid epidemic, and shore up our investment in renewable energy," Walz said in a statement. "I was proud to work with our legislative partners to get these bills across the finish line."

The bills signed include:

  • SF3358, regarding minimum age for safe amusement ride operation,
  • SF3443, on the definition of a modular home,
  • HF462, an omnibus transportation bill,
  • HF4490, an agriculture supplemental finance bill the includes funding for farm safety and mental health, and grants for meat processors affected by COVID-19,
  • SF3020, regarding North Branch PUC membership,
  • SF2130, an omnibus liquor bill,
  • HF2682, a legacy funding bill,
  • HF3230, on LED promotion,
  • SF2898, a hairstyle and makeup services licensure exemption,
  • SF3800, regarding money transmission provisions regulations,
  • SF3808, a pensions omnibus bill,
  • SF3683, a higher education omnibus policy bill,
  • SF3258, a public safety policy omnibus,
  • HF4597, regarding modifications of horse racing regulations,
  • HF4602, on Minnesota Investment Fund loan forgiveness,
  • HF4601, regarding opioid epidemic grants,
  • SF3204, on health care services utilization,
  • SF13, a health and human services policy omnibus,
  • HF4415, an education finance omnibus bill,
  • SF3745, regarding transfer authorization for Polk County Courthouse,
  • HF1842, regarding renewable development account.