Gov. Evers responds to lawsuit filed by Republicans over his extension of ‘safer at home’ order

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers took to Facebook on Tuesday evening to respond to a lawsuit filed by Republican leaders in the state Legislature asking the state’s Supreme Court to block his extension of his "safer at home" order.

The "safer at home" order was put into place to combat the spread of COVID-19, and Evers extended the order to May 26 last week.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, who filed the case, asked the Supreme Court to take the case directly, a move that would skip lower courts and get a final ruling sooner.

Wisconsin Republicans sue governor over stay-at-home order

In his social media message to Wisconsin residents, Evers said the lawmakers are attempting to "undermine the will of the people."

"This isn’t a game. This isn’t funny. People die every day because of this virus — often times painful and lonely deaths — and the more we delay or play political games the more people die," Evers said. "We’ve seen what happens in communities that don’t contain this virus through isolation measures like we have with #SaferAtHome."

Evers said the lawsuit does nothing to mention saving lives or protecting nurses, doctors, first responders and other critical workers.

"Today’s action by legislative Republicans during a crisis is a shameful response by people elected to protect and serve the people of our state," he said. "It is a disservice to those we represent, those who are struggling in this crisis, and the economy we will need to rebuild together."

The governor’s full response can be read below:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.