Opposing political views play out on the streets of the Twin Cities after Biden victory

There were raised voices of political disagreement Saturday outside the Minnesota Governor’s Residence after news outlets projected that former Vice President Joe Biden had secured enough electoral votes to oust President Donald Trump.

“I’m here to support my president, Trump,” said Matthew Newman. “Whatever he needs to do, the truth will come out.”

“Conceding is hard,” says Ben Quam, a Biden supporter. “Losing is painful, but (Trump) needs to step up and do it.”

Hundreds of flag-waving Trump supporters, some carrying signs saying "Stop the Steal," gathered along Summit Avenue. A few were carrying firearms.

“It’s a complete steal,” says Sam, a Trump supporter from Stillwater who didn’t want to give out his last name. “We’re out here showing support and demanding justice for the election.”

An even larger crowd supported the president outside the State Capitol in St. Paul, with many supporters saying Trump is right to pursue legal challenges in hotly contested battleground states.

“Just asking for fairness here,” said Ted McKinney, a Trump supporter from Burnsville. “We want equal time and equal count, fair count of all the votes that came in.”

Meanwhile, just down the block from the Governor’s Residence and along Lake Street in Minneapolis, drivers honked their approval to Biden supporters clustered on street corners and sidewalks.

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“It’s a lot of horns, we got a lot of support,” said Will Mattessich of St. Paul. “A lot of people are really happy about this.”

“Today’s a day to celebrate American democracy,” Quam said. “Celebrate our peaceful transfer of power. Celebrate Joe Biden becoming the next president.”

At a rally near the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct, sign makers didn’t mince words.

“Just transition now,” one said.

“No coup,” said another.

"[I’m] just so happy and relieved,” Biden supporter Alice Johnson said. “I’ve been working really, really hard for this day."

But there is still division about a winner.

"Joe Biden has been there for 40 years, and he didn’t get that much done,” Sam said. “And I just don’t believe he won, with the lack of support you see at his rallies.”

The next step? Uniting the country after a long and difficult presidential race.

"No president is going to solve that problem,” Mattessich says. “We still have a lot of people who voted for Trump who we’re going to need to figure out. Now we can get to work, and we’re building a coalition."