Minnesota GOP postpones convention due to issue with voting system

The Minnesota Republican Party said it will push back its virtual state convention, which was scheduled for Saturday, because of "potentially malicious interference" with its voting system.

"While our voting system remains secure, and the integrity of the system and process remains intact and has not been compromised, our vendor witnessed an unprecedented spike in volume they can not attribute to normal use of any kind," Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan said in a statement.

The party had used the same voting technology in "at least a dozen other conventions" and never had any problems, Carnahan said.

A new date for the convention has yet to be determined. The GOP’s voting vendor is working to investigate the disruption, according to the statement.

"It is a priority for this party, for our dedicated activists, and for our candidates that we resolve the issues at hand and ensure we uphold the values and integrity of this party and our process," Carnahan said.

The party was set to endorse a U.S. Senate candidate and elect presidential electors, national delegates and alternates during the convention.