At Issue: May 26 — End of the 2024 legislative session, Royce White 1-on-1 interview

At Issue: May 26

At Issue: May 26

This week on At Issue, Tom Hauser covers the end of the 2024 legislative session, updates on Nicole Mitchell and sits down with Royce White for a one-on-one interview.

Last week saw the end of the 2024 legislative session come to a chaotic end in the House and Senate. After several days of Republican filibusters on various bills, the DFL majorities in the House and the Senate created one big omnibus bill to get several key issues across the finish line.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the major items that did pass:

  • $24 million for rural emergency medical services
  • Boost pay for rideshare workers across the state
  • Updates to paid family and medical leave and recreational cannabis laws that were passed last session

And here’s a breakdown of some items that didn’t pass:

  • Bonding bill for state building projects
  • Legalization of sports betting
  • Equal Rights Amendment bill passed the House but the Senate didn’t have time to take it up

Gov. Tim Walz added that there will not be a special session.

A former basketball player is now the Republican party’s choice to take on Democratic U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar in November. Royce White said in an interview with KSTP this week that these are unconventional times and voters are looking outside the mainstream.

Later in the show, Nick Frentz and Julia Coleman join the studio to discuss the legislative session wrapping up.

Then, on Political Analysis, Brian Melendez and Brian McClung also share their thoughts on the chaotic end to the 2024 session.