At Issue: June 23 — KSTP Survey USA results, upcoming presidential debate

At Issue 062324

This week on At Issue, Leah McClean discusses the results of a recent KSTP Survey USA poll, details on the upcoming presidential debate and Gov. Walz’s response to legislative audits.

The most recent KSTP Survey USA poll showed a slight uptick in support for Democrat Joe Biden, with 47% support given to the sitting president as opposed to 41% support for Republican Donald Trump

6% of people surveyed preferred another candidate, while 7% of those surveyed are undecided.

Those results could change again after the first presidential debate this week. Biden and Trump are scheduled to debate on June 27 in Atlanta. The run time is set for 90 minutes, with two commercial brakes.

Their will be no live audience at the debate and microphones will be muted in order to limit interruptions.

The second debate, which is hosted by ABC, will happen September 10.

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