At Issue: July 18 — Thompson controversy deepens; one-on-one with Rep. Pete Stauber

A growing chorus of key DFL leaders, from Gov. Tim Walz to state DFL Party Chair Ken Martin, are calling for the resignation of Rep. John Thompson, DFL-St. Paul, who is facing questions over his residency and his competency for office.

The governor and lawmakers say Thompson’s history of domestic abuse allegations, along with disorderly conduct and threats, is enough for the first-term legislator to leave office. The peek into Thompson’s past comes after a July 4 traffic stop where the lawmaker was cited for driving with rescinded driving privileges. Police say he was stopped for driving without a front license plate; Thompson says he was racially profiled. Thompson handed the officer a Wisconsin driver’s license during the stop.

Our political analysts discuss what’s next for Thompson, whose attorney told multiple media outlets he wouldn’t resign. The analysts also explain what Thompson’s past should mean for vetting future candidates.

Kevin Doran went one-on-one with Rep. Pete Stauber, a Republican from Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, to talk about police reform measures in Washington and if there’s any chance of the JUSTICE Act passing Congress.