At Issue: Jan. 7 — 2024 election preview, Red Flag law now in effect

At Issue – Jan. 7

In the first edition of At Issue in the new year, Tom Hauser previews the busy election year, Donald Trump’s rulings in Colorado and Maine and the Red Flag law going into effect in Minnesota.

2024 could be the most unpredictable and consequential election year in a generation. The first big Minnesota election date will be the March 5 presidential primary, the Minnesota state primaries take place on Aug. 13 and Election Day is Nov. 5.

In the 2024 race for the White House, Minnesota’s Republican Congressional members are all endorsing former President Donald Trump. The state’s Republican Congressional delegation, which includes Tom Emmer, Brad Finstad, Michelle Fischbach and Pete Stauber, formally endorsed Trump on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Trump is asking the Supreme Court to review rulings in Colorado and Maine that barred him from ballots in those states. Those rulings cited the 14th Amendment — it was the first time a court disqualified someone from the White House for “having engaged in insurrection.”

A new gun law is now in effect in the state of Minnesota. “Red Flag” orders may now be issued for individuals believed to be a danger to themselves or others, which would prevent them from purchasing or possessing a firearm.

Later in the show, Secretary of State Steve Simon discusses the busy 2024 election year, from the big-ticket ballots down to the local elections. Then on Political Analysis, Annette Meeks and Mike Erlandson dive into the Iowa Caucuses, Minnesota’s Republican Congressional delegation endorsing Trump and Dean Phillips’ race for president.