At Issue Dec. 24 — Iowa caucus, state flag design finalist

At Issue Dec. 24

At Issue Dec. 24

On this week’s “At Issue” Tom Hauser highlights the upcoming Iowa caucus,

There are four weeks to go until the Iowa caucus, and many are wondering who the Republican nominee for president will be. A poll shows former president Donald Trump in first for the nomination with 51%, and Ron Desantis in second with 19% of votes for those surveyed.

There are questions regarding the presidential primary in Colorado now that Trump has been ruled ineligible for the state’s presidential primary ballot. Section three of the 14th Amendment bars anyone who has “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” from holding federal office. Trump’s legal team is appealing the ruling.

$300 million in funding for public safety departments will be going to local communities this week. The departments can use the money as they see fit, and the amount of money each community gets is determined by population.

Thousands of state workers are expected to get pay raises over the next two years. Additionally, due to a change in state law, the legislature can no longer vote on most worker contracts.

The State Flag Commission has decided on a final design for the new flag.

Later in the segment, Tom Hauser also had a one-on-one interview with Sarah Gad, who is running for office in District 5 and looking to unseat Ilhan Omar.

Lastly, in the political analysis, Annette Meeks of Freedom Foundation of MN and former DFL state senator Ember Reichgott-Junge commented on the 5th congressional district race, the presidential race, the upcoming Iowa caucus, the state flag redesign, and more.