At Issue: Dec. 17 — State Office Building pushback, Affordable housing funding

At Issue: Dec. 17

On this week’s edition of At Issue, Tom Hauser highlights the pushback of the Minnesota State Office Building expansion, the funding for affordable housing and more.

The Minnesota State Office Building expansion and renovation is now officially a campaign issue. Direct mail ads began arriving in at least eight House districts represented by Democrats who Republicans view as vulnerable. They refer to the building project as a “fortress of waste.”

The DFL and Minnesota Republican parties submitted their lists of approved presidential candidates to the Secretary of State’s Office. There are nine candidates on the DFL list, while the Minnesota Republican Party submitted five candidates. Early voting in Minnesota gets started Jan. 19 for the March primary.

The Department of Education is investigating potential discrimination, including antisemitism, at 77 colleges, universities or school districts across the country. One U of M law professor, and a former member of the Board of Regents, want an investigation at the University of Minnesota as well.

Hundreds of millions of dollars will be going towards affordable housing in Minnesota. Lt. Gov. Penny Flanagan made the announcement at the Brookview Community Center in Golden Valley on Friday. Funding for the effort comes from the $1.3 billion housing budget passed by the state Legislature earlier this year.

Later in the show, Tom Hauser talks with Rep. Tom Emmer about his role as House Majority Whip and the recent impeachment inquiry into President Biden by Congress.

Then on political analysis, Brian McDaniel and Brian Melendez comment on the high cost of the State Office Building and the Biden impeachment inquiry.