At Issue — May 7: Paid family and medical leave moves forward, sports betting still in play

There are two weeks left in the Minnesota legislative session, and lawmakers are making the final push to get their proposals across the finish line.

This week, the Minnesota House Democrats passed a publicly financed paid family and medical leave bill over the objections of Republicans who proposed a private alternative.

Bills to legalize sports betting in Minnesota remain alive in both the House and Senate. The biggest obstacle in recent years has been the issue of whether Native American tribes should get exclusive rights to sports gaming. So far that’s been the case, but a move was made this week to help horse tracks if they’re left out of the sports betting business.

Meanwhile, the Senate passed a bill to name part of Highway 5 near Paisley Park after Prince. It now awaits Gov. Tim Walz’s final approval.

Plus, our political analysts break down what else to watch as the legislative session winds down.