At Issue: Aug. 6 — Laws on cannabis, catalytic converters, guns take effect

At Issue: Aug. 6, 2023

At Issue: Aug. 6, 2023

Recreational marijuana was legalized throughout Minnesota this week. And while there’s plenty of excitement about the new law, there’s still some confusion about what’s OK and what’s not.

Retail sales of cannabis are still prohibited in most of the state while the Office of Cannabis Management rolls out the permitting process, but there’s a special exception for tribal lands. Dispensaries opened this week on the Red Lake and White Earth reservations.

A wide range of other laws passed during this year’s legislative session took effect on Aug. 1, including a law that makes it more difficult to sell stolen catalytic converters and another that introduces universal background checks for gun purchases.

Plus, state lawmakers received a status report this week on continuing security upgrades to the Capitol Complex.

Later on the show, our political analysts discuss whether a third indictment of former President Donald Trump changes anything in the upcoming presidential race.