Chris Egert

“Everything you read on the internet is not true. Now more than ever, it is important to get your news from people you know and trust.” 

Previous Experience

Chris returned to his family and friends in the Midwest after spending the last 20+ years telling people’s stories all around the country. He’s an Edward R. Murrow award winning reporter, who has received multiple Emmy awards for his work covering the people of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Chris is generally behind the news desk, but when a big story breaks like the George Floyd protests and riots in 2020, he field anchored KSTP’s award winning news coverage from the scene.  In 2014 Chris took viewers to Germany where the shell of US Bank Stadium was being built, and found that a controversial material was being used to cover the multi-billion dollar facility.  In 2013 he went to Africa for a series of stories on Minnesotans who were training doctors, educating impoverished students, and tracking wild animals in the Serengeti.

As a morning anchor in Seattle he was one of the first journalists in the world to arrive in Japan after the 2011 earthquake and Tsunami.  He was pelted by multiple hurricanes during the historic season of 2004 while in Orlando.  And as an anchor in Omaha he accompanied military forces to Spain in 2001 as they traveled to Afghanistan after 9/11.

Chris has flown with the Blue Angels, taken shelter under a table in a Walmart, and spent the night in a Navy Destroyer but sleeps at home these days – as a grounded family man.  He works the morning news so he can be around for his children’s football, basketball, and track meets.

Chris and his wife Kate have a son who is a Type 1 diabetic – they work hard for local organizations like JDRF in their fundraising efforts to help find a cure.  Chris is also a below the knee amputee – after a series of unfortunate events stemming from his high school and college basketball career.

When not at the TV station, or at a sports event with his wife, you’ll find him on the lake … if his boat is actually working.

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