Walter Cup unveiled as PWHL’s championship trophy

Members of the PWHL now know the name of the trophy they are playing for.

On Thursday morning, league officials unveiled the name of its trophy: The Walter Cup.

The 35-pound, 24-inch tall trophy features a silver bowl, or cup, being held up by two pillars molded into a V-shape on top of a round base. The base, which is removable, will include the engraved name of each year’s winning team.

The name comes from the Walter family, which “provided the foundational support that launched the PWHL,” according to league officials, who added the name was proposed by league advisory board member Billie Jean King.

“It is a tremendous achievement to become the best team in the world’s best women’s hockey league. This trophy reflects the level of excellence required to win in the PWHL, and we hope it will inspire championship dreams in young players everywhere,” Mark Walter said on behalf of his family.

The trophy is made out of sterling silver and was created by famous luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. in partnership with the league.

The inaugural regular season ends next month, and the top four teams will advance to the league’s first playoff season. The semifinals and championship final will each be a best-of-five series.