Vikings look for cohesion with co-defensive coordinators

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Andre Patterson has coached some level of football every year since 1982. Adam Zimmer wasn’t born until 1984. Yet despite their age differences, Patterson and Zimmer will share the role of Minnesota Vikings co-defensive coordinators for the 2020 season.

While 24-years younger than Patterson, Zimmer is basically a coaching lifer, too. He got his start in the NFL as an assistant linebackers coach for the New Orleans Saints in 2006.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, Adam’s father, made the move to make Adam and Patterson co-defensive coordinators on January 27.

"Adam and I got together when Zim (Mike Zimmer) first talked to us about it," Patterson said on Thursday. "It’s been really smooth. We talk to each other every day. We’re on the same page. When we install with the players, I handle the front and Adam handles the back end. There hasn’t been any issues. It’s been outstanding."

"We’ve done a good job of communicating since day one. We’ve laid out everybody’s responsibilities throughout the coaching staff," Adam said. "All we’re trying to do is get one common goal and that’s to be the best defense we can be and the best defense in the NFL. However we have to divvy that up is what we’re gonna do."

Even though there are two defensive coordinators, the guy who’ll still call the defensive plays might just end up being Mike Zimmer.

"That’s up to the boss," Patterson said, "We just do our job and do what he tells us he wants us to do and that’s our responsibility. We’re not caught up in that."