Vikings’ Barr, Kubiak and Adam Zimmer talk defense, no preseason and Dom Capers

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Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr, offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, and co-defensive coordinator Adam Zimmer spoke to the media Thursday morning via Zoom.


Barr spoke about:

1. How did he feel to be able to use his platform to inject social justice changes?

2. What would he like to see the NFL accomplish in regards to social justice this year?

3. Thoughts on the Vikings new-look defense.

4. Who will replace Everson Griffen’s gameday energy?

5. How does he evaluate his 2019 season?

6. What was it like making his voice heard?

7. Does he want to rush the passer more this year?

8. Dom Capers’ impact?

9. How valuable is it to get new voices in the defensive system when a lot of the players and coaches have been together for so long?

10. Has he watched old Capers defenses and try to envision himself in them?

11. What has he seen in the development of Eric Wilson?

12. How much he matured in the offseason?

Kubiak discussed:

1. QB Nate Stanley and his progress.

2. Crossing routes in offenses and how they have changed over the years.

3. Dalvin Cook and his focus on the game with his contract negotiations.

4. Ezra Cleveland and his progression.

5. Dakota Dozier’s and Aviante Collins’ progression.

6. No preseason impact on the young kids and trying to teach them officiating.

7. Dozier’s knowledge of the team.

8. His thoughts on bringing in Capers.

9. What is a staple of a Capers defense?

10. How much has Bisi Johnson’s development been sped up with him playing a lot when Adam Thielen went down last year?

11. Justin Jefferson learning from Thielen.

12. Creating intensity and preseason like games for the players before the year.

Adam Zimmer talked about:

1. What has Capers approach been toward younger secondary players?

2. How did he feel about Barr speaking up and using his platform to inject change?

3. How has his relationship with co-defensive coordinator Andre Patterson been going?

4. How does Capers and his defense impact Barr?

5. What are his thoughts on Holton Hill?

6. With new faces on the defensive line, how much does the continuity of the linebackers and safeties help?

7. Who replaces Griffen’s energy?

8. Cam Dantzler’s game and what he sees in the defensive back.

9. Increase in teams using deep crossing routes, how much does their linebackers, and their experience help against that?

10. Dalvin’s energy and professionalism impacting the whole team?

11. His thoughts on Barr’s 2019 season.

12. What is it like seeing Mike Zimmer bring more voices and perspectives in the last couple of years?

13. Without practice refs, how much is added on as a coach to teach the younger players the officiating rules?