State Tennis: Anticipated 2A rematch between Edina’s Fullerton and Wayzata’s Beduhn

Epic rivalry in Minnesota boys high school tennis


The 2A boys individual state tennis tournament kicks off at Baseline Tennis Center on Thursday, and there is anticipation for a rematch of last years record setting title match between Edina’s Matthew Fullerton and Wayzata’s Collin Beduhn.

Fullerton and Beduhn are graduating seniors now, but have been friends and have played against each other hundreds of times dating back to junior high practices and competitions.

“Once we step on court, that is all gone,” said Beduhn. “We don’t really say much to each other, and it’s all business. That’s the fun part about it.”

About their rivalry, Fullerton said, “everytime I play him I know it’s going to be close, it’s going to be competitive.”

The highlight match so far between the two, was last year’s 2A state title match that had three tie-breaker rounds and lasted four hours and 15 minutes. Fullerton won the match 7-6, 6-7, 7-6 (3).

“Going into the match I expected it to be a long one, but I never could have expected that,” said Beduhn. “I’ve played a lot matches and none of them have ever gone that long.”

The marathon match is considered to be the longest match in Minnesota state high school history.

“Just to get to one tie-breaker in a match is grueling, but three of them is like, no I’ve never experienced anything like that,” said Fullerton. “It didn’t really hit me until two or three days after that I won.”

Fullerton and Beduhn have been the top two ranked high school players in the state the last two years. They are rivals now, but next year will be teammates at the University of Wisconsin.

“To some extent we’re still going to keep that rivalry alive, because it’s going to be who is going to beat each other for spots,” said Beduhn. “Now, it’s less of who is going to win the state tournament, but who is going to play some of these other teams?”

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