Sports Wrap, May 26: Trent Tucker analysis after Wolves lose Game 3 in Dallas

Sports Wrap at 9P, May 26, Part II: Trent Tucker breaks down Wolves Game 3 loss in Dallas

Every Sunday night at 9:35 p.m. (Channel 45) and 10:35 p.m., our Joe Schmit, Chris Long, and Darren ‘Doogie’ Wolfson go back-and-forth on Sports Wrap.

This week’s first segment was all about the Timberwolves’ Game 3 loss in Dallas. The Wolves, after being favored in the series, see Dallas ahead 3-0. The Wolves will try and bring the series back to Minneapolis on Thursday for a Game 5 by winning Game 4 Tuesday night.

11-year NBA veteran and Gophers legend Trent Tucker joined Wolfson in-studio at 9:35 p.m.

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In an earlier segment at 9:30, Schmit and Wolfson went back-and-forth on the good week for the Twins and the red-hot Lynx.

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Sports Wrap, May 26, Part I: Twins, Lynx, Gophers hire McDevitt

Then, at 10:35 p.m. on Channel 5, Schmit joined from the court in Dallas after working the Wolves’ locker room. Tucker stayed in-studio with Wolfson.

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Sports Wrap, May 26, 10P Part I: Joe Schmit with Wolves in Dallas for Game 3

The guys wrapped up the Wolves’ analysis in a second segment of Sports Wrap on Ch. 5.

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Sports Wrap, May 26, 10P Part II: Trent Tucker and Joe Schmit on Wolves Game 3 loss

Our sports team of Schmit, Chris Long, and Wolfson has been together since 2010, and collectively has over 75 years of experience covering the Minnesota sports scene. Reporter/anchor/photographer Alec Ausmus adds that much more to the most experienced sports team in town.

Long was at the Indy 500 on Sunday, so away from the studio, and Ausmus is with Schmit in Dallas making sure we get on the air.