Official team practices to begin after MSHSL approves fall season for football, volleyball

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Official team practices start Monday for high school sports—including football and volleyball—a week after a vote that brought back the fall seasons.

With safety protocols in place, the teams will officially start practice Monday.

Both football and volleyball will have a fall season, but with shorter schedules.

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) approved the season after weighing all options.

MSHSL approves fall season for football, volleyball

"I think a few things went into that and definitely … having football and volleyball in March would have been very challenging for football, at least, outside in a majority of our schools and then pushing spring sports back would be challenging for our coaches and our student athletes at that time," Gary Revenig, the Monticello activities director and MSHSL board member, said.

The football season includes six games and the post season is yet to be determined.

For volleyball, there will be an 11-week season with 14 games, but games will look much different. Fans likely won’t be allowed to watch indoor volleyball games.

Meanwhile, football games will only be allowed to have a maximum of 250 people.

Last week, Monticello’s senior football captain Sam Valor was in class when he found out his team will get to play this fall after all.

"It just feels good to be back out here in football weather, after practice to get food with the guys, it just feels like the most normal thing that we’ve had in quite a while," he said.

First football games are Oct. 9 and first volleyball games are Oct. 8.

Thursday, the MSHSL is expected to discuss winter sports seasons, including boys and girls hockey.

High school hockey coaches pitch plans to MSHSL for season

The board will also talk about post-season competition.