Lynx adjusting to condensed play schedule

Lynx Head Coach and General Manager Cheryl Reeve, forward Napheesa Collier and guard Bridget Carleton spoke to the media via Zoom following practice on Tuesday afternoon.


Reeve spoke about:
– Lexie Brown and her concussion situation — would be surprised if she isn’t in action.
– Guard rotation if Brown is able to play.
– Have won via defense and rebounding so far, so is the team getting shots that they wanted and just not falling, or not getting shots you want?
– One player is causing all turnovers (Collier) and how it is imprtant to cut those down.

Collier discussed:
– How is she staying sane a month into the bubble?
– More pick-and-roll ball handler possessions, how is that going?
– She is leading team in assists, is that targeted or just what is coming out of her new role?
– Is Reeve harder on the rookies this year than she was to Naphessa last year?
– Do they spend a lot of time on defense compared to last?
– How is she handling playing every other day? Changes to routine?

Carleton touched on:
– How is it going?
– How she is connecting to people outside the bubble.
– How the team is getting along
– How she is handling the condensed schedule
– How is she taking care of her body and recovery?
– What is the key to come in off the bench and be impactful?
– Is it hard to mentally be ready coming off the bench when she is used to playing big minutes?
– What is she looking forward to most in her new role?