Kirk Cousins shows off new grillz

A joke made after a 2022 Vikings game has turned into a new set of false teeth for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The standout quarterback was doing a post-game interview on Thanksgiving Day 2022 when he mentioned his dentist back in Holland, Michigan should get him a set of grillz. The comment came in reaction to Cousins’ teammate Justin Jefferson wearing grillz.

According to ABC affiliate WZZM, the daughter of Cousins’ dentist, Ryan Lebster, told him he had received a shoutout on national television during the interview. Lebster, who has been Cousins’ dentist since childhood, texted the quarterback, saying he was going to give him the grillz as a Christmas present.

While it took a year and half of multiple fittings, the Vikings standout now has his fancy gold teeth.

Cousins posted an image of him wearing the teeth at his dentist’s office, which drew 150,000 likes on social media. The photo was taken while Cousins was in his hometown to help open a youth athletic facility in nearby Grand Rapids, Michigan.