Gopher football talks Derik LeCaptain and facing Illinois

Minnesota Gopher quarterback Tanner Morgan met with the media on Tuesday afternoon.


Morgan talked about Pre snap adjustments and checks, if he gives huddle speeches, if he sees the coaches having fun this year, if the coaches do anything special through the week to avoid the tedious nature of a season, what the talk is among the team now that the Gophers control their own destiny to win the Big Ten West, if taking things one thing at a time something that must be learned, what his initial response to PJ Fleck’s moto of each week being a championship week, how his touchdown run was included in the Gophers’s “how” this week ahead of Illinois, postgame celebrations for the team, what Derik LeCaptain adds to the team, what the team celebration was like when LeCaptain scored , if he still considers the Run/Pass/Option as apart of the offense, what Illinois does best as a team, and his chemistry with Mike Brown-Stephens.

Brown-Stephens discussed the mentality heading into the season knowing the wide receivers group was injured, how he has progressed since his freshman year, what is clicking between him and Morgan, if he understood the one week championship approach before coming to Minnesota, what scoring a touchdown against Wisconsin last year did for his confidence, the influence his uncle John Legend has on his life, what it was like that his uncle attended the Fresno State game from a couple years ago, what he sees in Illinois, how he feels the chemistry is with the wide receiving group, and how Chris Autumn-Bell’s presence has an impact on his game.