Amid natural gas outage, We Energies asks customers to lower their thermostats

We Energies is urging customers to lower their thermostats to 60-62 degrees amid a significant natural gas outage.

An interstate pipeline supplier that provides natural gas to We Energies experienced a significant equipment failure that is limiting how much gas it can send, the company said.

“The impacted pipeline is one of multiple sources We Energies uses to receive natural gas,” the company said. “On a typical day, an issue like this would not require customers to reduce their usage. However, with extreme cold setting in over much of the United States, We Energies is unable to receive additional natural gas from its other pipeline suppliers.”

We Energies said it has already taken steps to reduce the demand for natural gas amid the outage.

In addition to lowering thermostats, We Energies asks customers to avoid using natural gas appliances like fireplaces, dryers or ovens.

The company said it will reassess the situation Saturday.

“We truly appreciate and thank our customers for your understanding and patience as we work to manage these challenging conditions and keep all of our customers safe and warm,” We Energies said. “We will be working tirelessly to resume normal operations as soon as possible.”

Check back for updates.