In rare Twin Cities January, no days with temps below zero — so far

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It’s been a mild month — weather-wise, that is.

Chief Meteorologist Ken Barlow says in a rare Twin Cities January, temperatures have so far failed to fall below zero degrees, adding that if the month ended Thursday, it would be the 13th warmest January on record in the Twin Cities.

Barlow said the average temperature this month has been about 6 degrees warmer than normal.

In 140 years of record-keeping, this so far marks the first January without temperatures below zero degrees in the Twin Cities since 2006, Barlow said. Before that, there was only one other January without temperatures below zero, in 1990.

Thursday, Barlow said a mix of sun and clouds is expected, with temperatures in the low 20s. Looking ahead, some snow could be on the way this weekend.

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