Hail damages 15,000 pounds of habanero peppers at southeast Minnesota farm

This week’s storms in Southeast Minnesota hit some farmers hard.

Hail damage at a farm in Cannon Falls early Monday morning ruined roughly 15,000 pounds of habanero peppers.

Farmer Dana Joklea says the storm was the nightmare every farmer fears.

Joklea estimates hail caused around $50,000 in damage on his farm.

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"I have been living in fear of this moment for several years, and thankfully we’ve had four seasons with no substantial hail. But there’s nothing you can really do about it. That’s just the luck of the draw," Jokela said.

Cry Baby Craig’s Hot Sauce in Minneapolis grows peppers on Joklea’s farm.

The company lost around 40% of its peppers in the storm and plans to use the damaged peppers for a special hot sauce. All proceeds will be given back to Joklea’s farm.

"If my niche is to put something in a bottle and give it to the people and in return take the people’s money and give it back to the families here that’s what I’m going to do, Cry Baby Craig’s Hot Sauce owner Craig Kaiser said.