Warming Up!

The official low was 8 degrees in the Twin Cities this morning which is the average low in mid January. Average low for November 28 is 22 degrees and average high is 36 degrees.

Today begins a Warm Up in the Twin Cities after it has been Colder than average temperatures since Thanksgiving.

Mix of Clouds and Sun Today with Southwest Winds at 10 to 15 mph ( Breezy ) and highs in the low 30s. Warmer on Wednesday with Sunshine and highs in the low to mid 40s. Near average temperatures in the mid to upper 30s Thursday through Sunday with chance for Mix of Rain and Snow on Sunday.


Cloud  and  Sun  Mix.

HIGH:  31  Degrees. 

Wind: Southwest  at  10  to  15  mph.  (  Breezy  at  times  )


Partly  Cloudy. 

LOW:   27  Degrees.  

Wind:  Southwest  at  5  to  10  mph.


Mostly  Sunny  and  Warmer.

HIGH:  42  Degrees. 

Wind: Southwest  at  5  to  15  mph. 


LOW:   29  Degrees.  



THURSDAY……….38 / 25  Partly Cloudy.

FRIDAY………………36 / 26  Sunny with Light Winds.

SATURDAY………..39 / 30  AM Sun then Cloudy.

SUNDAY……………39 / 28  Cloudy with Rain/Snow Mix.  Chance for Rain/Snow Mix is 60%.

MONDAY………….37 / 22  Cloudy with Light Rain/Snow Mix.  Chance for Light Rain/Snow Mix is 20%.

The average low and high for the extended period is 22 and 36 degrees.