Warmer Mid Week then Rain again by Friday

Spring 2023 in Twin Cities and rest of Minnesota continues Gloomy and Wet with the exception of 4 days in the Twin Cities topping 80 degrees between April 11 and 14.

Looking into the future the rest of April in Twin Cities and Minnesota will remain Cooler than Average with highs in the 40s to near 60 degrees – average highs last week of April are in the low to mid 60s.  Heading into early May the Unseasonably Cold Air Mass currently over the Midwest will be pushed away and replaced by a Warmer Air Mass around May 3 which will likely push temperatures back into the 60s, 70s and possibly 80s by May 5-8. It is Severe T-Storm Season and it has been rather Calm in Minnesota for Severe T-Storms this Season but pattern could become much more Active and Prone to Stronger T-Storms May 6-8 so important to have those Severe T-Storm Plans in place at home, work and school. 

River Levels will remain at Major Flood Levels on the Crow River at Delano and Rockford and the Mississippi River at St.Paul and Hastings and Saint Croix River at Stillwater.      

Flooding on streams and rivers in Minnesota and Wisconsin will continue this upcoming week.  Additional precipitation this upcoming Friday April 28 in the form of Rain and Snow will add more water to all area Streams and Rivers and Flooding will likely continue on Minnesota and Wisconsin Streams and Rivers into late April and possibly into early May.  


Sunshine  this  morning  until  11  a.m.  then  Maily  Cloudy  and  Unseasonably  Cold  with  Snow  and  Rain  Showers  possible  at  times  this  afternoon.  Chance  for  Snow  and  Rain  Showers  is  70%.

HIGH:  42  Degrees. 

Wind:  West  at  5  to  10  mph. 


Cloudy  and  Cold  with  Snow  Showers  on  and  off.  Chance  for  Snow  Showers  is  90%.

LOW:   30  Degrees.    

Wind:  West  at  5  to  10  mph.


Cloudy  in  the  morning  with  Scattered  Snow  and  Rain  Showers  then  becoming  Partly  Cloudy  in  the   afternoon  and  continued  Unseasonably  Cold.   

HIGH:  48  Degrees.  

Wind:  Northwest  at  5  to  10  mph. 


LOW:   30  Degrees.  


TUESDAY…………..55 / 35  Mainly Sunny.

WEDNESDAY……..60 / 40  Sunny.  

THURSDAY…………62 / 48  Partly Cloudy, Windy & Warmer with Scattered T-Showers possible.  Chance for Scattered T-Showers is 30%.

FRIDAY………………55 / 38  Mainly Cloudy with Scattered T-Showers.  Chance for Scattered T-Shower is 80%.

SATURDAY…………50 / 36  Cloudy with Scattered Rain Showers & Very Cool for late April.  Chance for Scattered Rain Showers is 80%.

The average low and high for the extended period is 43 and 62