Warm Week ahead with highs around 80 degrees and T-Storms possible at times too.

Pleasant Sunday Weather across Minnesota Today with some Light Rain Showers possible near Lake Superior otherwise Partly Cloudy to Sunny Sky Conditions across the state with highs in the upper 50s in far northeast Minnesota to the low 70s in the Twin Cities and rest of southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Upcoming Week will bring Warmer than Average temperatures by 7 to 9 degrees to the Twin Cities with highs around 80 degrees and lows around 60 degrees Tuesday through Friday.  Average Right Now Twin Cities Highs in low 70s and Average Lows in low 50s.

Humidity will Increase this Week as well and this will bring T-Storms at times mainly late Monday into early Tuesday then again Wednesday.  Stronger T-Storms will be possible Friday night into Saturday.

Fall Colors will start to really show up in northern Minnesota this upcoming Week with Peak Conditions expected near the US/Canadian border by the last Week of September.  Fall Colors should Peak in Twin Cities area between October 10 and 12th


Patchy Dense Fog before 10 a.m. otherwise Sunny  to  Partly  Cloudy.

HIGH:  72  Degrees.

Wind:  North at  5  to  10  mph.


Clearing  Skies,  Patchy  Fog  and  Cool.

LOW:   50  Degrees.

Wind:  Light  Winds.   


Patchy  Morning  Fog  otherwise  Sunny  and  Warmer.

HIGH:  77  Degrees.

Wind:  Southeast  at  5  to  15  mph.


LOW:   58  Degrees.  (  Isolated  T-Storms  Late  –  30%  )


TUESDAY…………80 / 60  Early AM T-Storm otherwise Hazy Sunshine.  Chance for Early AM T-Storm is 30%.

WEDNESDAY……80 / 62  Partly Cloudy with Spotty T-Storms.  Chance for Spotty T-Storms is 30%.  

THURSDAY……….80 / 62  Hazy Sunshine & Muggy.

FRIDAY……………..80 / 62  Partly Cloudy with Late PM T-Storms.  Chance for Late PM T-Storms is 50%.

SATURDAY………..79 / 59  Cloud & Sun Mix with Scattered T-Storms & some could be Strong.  Chance for Scattered T-Storms is 60%.

The average low and high for the extended period is 53 and 73 degrees.