The Twin Cities as of today, March 14th, is at 80.3” snowfall for the 2022-23 winter season, which makes this the 8th snowiest winter on record and more snow is expected this Thursday and Friday. The current 7th snowiest winter on record is 81.3” in 1961/1962. With 1” to 4” possible this Thursday and Friday, more snow records are likely to fall. The snowiest winter on record is 98.6” in 1983/84 and the 2nd snowiest was in 1981/82 at 95.0”. The 3rd snowiest was at 88.9” in 1950/51. Recently, snowfall in 2017/18 made it the 10th snowiest at 78.3”, but this winter 2022/23 has now pushed the 2017/18 snowfall season to 11th snowiest on record.  Average winter snowfall is 51”.  Currently, the Twin Cities is 3 feet and 5 inches above average to date.

The current snow depth in the Twin Cities ranges from 10” to 16″, with some spots measuring up to 20”.  The possibility of more snow this week will continue to increase the risk for snow melt flooding in late March and early April. The combination of a higher sun angle and -eventually- warmer temperatures will cause a rapid snowmelt by April. Each day snow doesn’t melt now through the end of March will continue to increase the snow melt flood risk, especially on the Mississippi, Minnesota and Saint Croix Rivers.  Now is the time to take action if you have had flooding problems in prior years with the spring snow melt.


Mainly sunny and breezy.

HIGH:  34 degrees.  

Wind:  Southeast at 10 to 15 mph.  


Partly cloudy and breezy.

LOW:   30 degrees.

Wind:  South at 5 to 15 mph.   


Partly cloudy and breezy.

HIGH: 45 degrees.  

Wind: South at 15 to 25 mph.  


LOW: 36 degrees. (Rain developing overnight)


THURSDAY……………….…40 / 29  Rain, T-Storms changing to snow in the afternoon with snow accumulations of 1” to 3” in the evening.  Chance for Rain, T-Storms changing to snow is 90%.

FRIDAY… (St. Patrick’s Day)….29 / 13 Cloudy & windy with snow mainly in the morning then snow showers and windy in the afternoon with cold conditions.  Snow accumulations of 1” to 3” possible in the AM.  Chance for snow is 70%.