WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY TODAY UNTIL 6am for TWIN CITIES with Snow possibly Mixed with Drizzle at times. Snow Accumulations will be 2” to 4” during the daylight hours ( heaviest south of the downtown areas ) then another 1” to 2” of Snow Tonight into Friday morning.

Moderate Snow in Twin Cities from 10am Today to 6am Friday with 3”-6” Accumulations & higher Accumulations of 6”-12” toward Rochester, La Crosse, Dubuque, Madison & Milwaukee.

More Snow with 2”-4” Accumulations Saturday afternoon into early Sunday morning all across Minnesota and Gusty Winds causing Blowing Snow in open areas especially western Minnesota.

Twin Cities as of Today (4am Thursday March 9) at 75.3” Snowfall for the 2022/23 Winter Season – Snowfall Today through Sunday expected at 5”-10” which would put the Season Snow Total on the low end at 80.3” to 85.3” on the high end.

Once Twin Cities passes 78.3” of Snowfall over the next few days it will put this Winter of 2022/23 Snowfall in top 10 Snowiest Winter Seasons. The Snowiest on Record is 98.6” in 1983/84 and 2nd Snowiest in 1981/82 at 95.0” and 3rd Snowiest at 88.9” in 1950/51. Recently Snowfall in 2017/18 was 10th Snowiest at 78.3”. Average Winter Snowfall is 51”.

Active Weather continues next week but this time the Twin Cities in the Warm Sector of a Storm System meaning Rain and T-Storms possible with temperatures near 50 degrees next Thursday March 16.  Temperatures above freezing ( 32 degrees ) and additional Snow and Rain next 7 days will Increase Risk for Snowmelt Flooding across the state. 


Cloudy  with  Light  Snow  and  Drizzle  in  the  morning  then  Moderate  Snow  after  11  a.m.  with  Snow  Accumulations  of  2”  to  4”  by  7  p.m.  Chance  for  Snow  is  100%.

HIGH:  35  Degrees.  

Wind:  East  at  5  to  15  mph.  


Cloudy  with  Snow  tapering  to  Flurries  by  6  a.m. Friday.  Additional  Snow  Accumulations  of  1”  to  2”  through  6  a.m.  Friday.  Total  Snow  Accumulations  3”  to  6”  Thursday  into  Friday  morning.   Chance  for  Snow  until  6  a.m.  is  100%. 

LOW:   28  Degrees.     

Wind:  Northeast  at  5  to  15  mph.   


Cloudy  with  Light  Snow  until  6  a.m.  then  Cloudy  in  the  morning  and  becoming  Partly  Cloudy  in  the  afternoon.  Chance  for  Snow  until  4  a.m.  is  90%.

HIGH:  34  Degrees.  

Wind:  Northeast  at  5  to  10  mph.  


LOW:   26  Degrees.