Smoky Haze Today then Strong T-Storms possible Wednesday

Tracking a risk for severe storms in the metro on Wednesday

Comfortable highs in the middle 80s, and low humidity to go along with plenty of sunshine.

People with respiratory illnesses should use caution Today as Smoke from Canada Wild Fires is in the air over the Twin Cities and rest of Minnesota and into Wisconsin and Iowa. Southerly Winds Today will help clear out the smoke and improved air conditions expected Wednesday afternoon. Hazy Sunshine Today in the Metro with highs in the mid 80s.

Scattered T-Storms will move into Minnesota late Tonight and through Wednesday and some of the T-Storms could be Severe with Damaging Winds. The Greatest Risk for Severe T-Storms appears to be in areas east into western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota Wednesday afternoon and evening. The morning T-Storms likely not Strong but the Wednesday afternoon and evening T-Storms have Potential to be Strong to Severe. 

July 4 Outlook for Twin Cities:  Partly Cloudy with Isolated T-Storms possible late Tuesday July 4.  Highs during day in mid to upper 80s then 10pm Fireworks temperatures in upper 70s with Partly Cloudy Skies.  


Smoky  Hazy  Sunshine  and  Warmer.

HIGH:  86  Degrees. 

Wind: Southwest  at  5  to  10  mph. 


Mainly  Cloudy  with  Scattered  T-Storms  after  9  p.m.  Chance  for  Scattered  T-Storms  after  9  p.m.  is   70%.   

LOW:   67  Degrees.   

Wind: Southeast  at  5  to  10  mph.


Muggy  and  Cloudy  with  Scattered  T-Storms  in  the  morning  then  Cloud  and  Sun  Mix  with  Scattered  T-Storms  after  4  p.m.  and  some  could  be  Strong  to  Severe  with  Damaging  Winds  in  the  afternoon  and  early  evening  with  Highest  Severe  T-Storm  Risk  east  of  Twin  Cities  in  western  Wisconsin  and  southeastern  Minnesota.  Chance  for  Scattered  T-Storms  after  4  p.m.  is  90%.  

HIGH:  83  Degrees. 

Wind: South  at  5  to  15  mph  with  Highter  Gusts  near  T-Storms.


LOW:   67  Degrees.   (  Isolated  T-Storms  )


THURSDAY…………….….85 / 67  AM Isolated T-Storm then Partly Cloudy. Chance for AM Isolated T-Storm is 20%.

FRIDAY…………………..…86 / 67  Partly Cloudy. 

SATURDAY…………………87 / 68  Sunny to Partly Cloudy.   

SUNDAY…………………….89 / 70  Sunny to Partly Cloudy & Muggy.

MONDAY…………………..91 / 71  Hazy Sunshine & Hot.  

The average low and high for the extended period is 65 and 83