Rain this morning then early afternoon Peeks of Sun then more Rain/Thunder after 3pm. Warmer and Drier Wednesday into next Weekend.

Rain and T-Storms over Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa have brought widespread Heavy Rainfall Amounts to many areas of the region overnight.  Rainfall amounts in the Twin Cities and much of central and southern Minnesota range from 1” to 3” with Isolated +3” amounts.  Most of the Twin Cities has seen on average about 2” of Rain and in Wisconsin many areas have seen 2” to 3” of Rain.  The Rain this morning will end by 10 a.m. then Rain and T-Storms will redevelop after 3pm Today in the Twin Cities and continues into Monday morning with Lighter Rain Amounts of .25” to 1” overnight.

Lighter Rain Showers possible Tuesday then Drier and Warmer Weather the rest of the Week into next Weekend with 80 degree temperatures possible next Weekend ( Sep 30/Oct 1 ). 

Fall Colors will start to really show up in northern Minnesota this upcoming Week with Peak Conditions expected near the US/Canadian border by the last Week of September.  Fall Colors should Peak in Twin Cities area between October 10 and 12th


Cloudy  with  Showers  ending  by  10  a.m.  then  Cloudy  with  Peeks  of  Sun  followed  by  Scattered  Showers  and  T-Storms  after  3  p.m.  Chance  for  Showers  and  T-Storms  after  3  p.m.  is  100%.

HIGH:  70  Degrees.

Wind:  Southeast  at  5  to  15  mph.


Clouds  and  Areas  of  Fog  with  Periods  of  Showers  and  T-Storms.  Chance  for  Showers  and  T-Storms  is  100%.

LOW:   62  Degrees.

Wind:  Southeast  at  5  to  10  mph.   


Mainly  Cloudy  and  Breezy  with  Scattered  Showers  and  T-Storms.  Chance  for  Showers  and  T-Storms  is  100%.

HIGH:  67  Degrees.

Wind:  Southeast  at  5  to  15  mph.


LOW:   58  Degrees.  (  Showers  )



TUESDAY……….……69 / 56  AM Clouds & Scattered Showers & Patchy Fog then Partly Cloudy & Breezy in the afternoon.  Chance for AM Showers is 20%.

WEDNESDAY………70 / 57  Partly Cloudy.  

THURSDAY…………72 / 58  Partly Cloudy.

FRIDAY……………….75 / 60  Partly Cloudy & Warmer.

SATURDAY………….79 / 61  Sunny, Breezy & Warm.

The average low and high for the extended period is 50 and 70 degrees.