Poor air quality continues Monday, dangerous heat midweek

Here’s your Sunday evening forecast for July 23, 2023 from Minnesota’s Weather Authority and Meteorologist Matt Serwe.

An Air Quality Alert is in effect for central and northern Minnesota through Monday evening. This includes from Minneapolis and St. Paul north in the Twin Cities metro.

Minnesota’s Weather Authority is calling Forecast First Alert Days for Wednesday and Thursday. Dangerous heat and humidity are likely.

The big story of the week will be several days with highs in the 90s and more humidity. First things first, we still have wildfire smoke over most of Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin Sunday night into Monday. Air will be unhealthy for those with chronic heart and lung issues through Monday evening from the Twin Cities to the north. Keep monitoring the latest Air Quality Index to see if the metro air becomes unhealthy for everyone—like it is early Sunday evening.

As the heat starts to push east tonight, isolated rain and a few storms are possible across Minnesota. The storm chances on Monday are very hit/miss in the Twin Cities. However, there could be a stray storm in the morning, then again late in the afternoon and evening. Severe weather is unlikely, but heavy rain and gusty winds are possible.

Temperatures reach the mid 90s on Tuesday, which could start to wear on people who work outside. The highest heat and humidity are Wednesday and Thursday. Highs are likely in the upper 90s, and it will feel like 100° to 105° with the humidity. If you have anything planned outside either afternoon, start figuring out how you are going to find shade or air conditioning. Take special care of the very young, the very old, and your pets, because they are the most likely to have a rough time in this heat.

This big dome of heat will start to break down by the end of the week. When it does, scattered storms are possible Friday and Saturday.