Nice Fall Sunday then Showers & T-Storms late Tonight into early Monday. Upcoming Week starts Mild and ends Cold. T-Storms some could be Strong on Tuesday.

Nice Sunday ahead for Twin Cities along with Peaking Fall Colors which should remain at Peak Conditions through Wednesday then it will be time to start raking leaves.

Showers and T-Storms will be possible in Twin Cities later Tonight after 8 p.m. but most likely after 12 a.m. Monday until 6 a.m. Monday.  Monday will be Partly Cloudy in the afternoon with highs in low to mid 60s then more Showers and T-Storms Monday night into early Tuesday.

Tuesday will bring a chance for Showers and T-Storms in the afternoon and evening and some T-Storms could be Strong to Severe with Damaging Winds and Hail from the Twin Cities and south into Iowa and east into western Wisconsin.

Showers and T-Storms will be possible Wednesday and Thursday in the Twin Cities and surrounding area then a Strong Cold Front will bring Much Cooler and Windy Conditions into the area on Friday and Saturday.   


Sunny  to  Partly  Cloudy. 

HIGH:  60  Degrees.

Wind:  South  at  5  to  10  mph.


Mostly  Cloudy  and  Breezy  with  Scattered  Showers  and  T-Storms  between  8  p.m.  and  6  a.m.  Monday  most  likely  time  for  Showers  and  T-Storms  is  12  a.m.  to  6  a.m.  Monday.  Chance  for  Showers  and  T-Storms  after  8  p.m.  is  80%.

LOW:   48  Degrees.

Wind:  Southeast  at  5  to  15  mph.   


Cloudy  in  the  morning  otherwise  Partly  Cloudy.

HIGH:  64  Degrees.

Wind:  Southeast  at  10  to  15  mph.


LOW:   50  Degrees.  (  Scattered  Showers  and  T-Storms  late  Monday  night  into  Tuesday  )



TUESDAY………………69 / 52  AM Showers & T-Storms then some Sun with Showers & T-Storms again in the afternoon and evening and some of the afternoon and evening T-Storms could be Strong with Hail and Damaging Winds.  Chance for Showers and T-Storms is 90%.

WEDNESDAY………..60 / 52  Cloudy with Scattered Showers.  Chance for Scattered Showers is 50%.

THURSDAY……………59 / 40  Cloudy with Showers & T-Storms.  Chance for Showers & T-Storms is 80%.

FRIDAY………………….46 / 35  AM Clouds then Partly Cloudy, Windy & Much Cooler.

SATURDAY…………….45 / 34  Cold with Cloud & Sun Mix & Lighter Winds.

The average low and high for the extended period is 38 and 55 degrees.