Ken’s Thursday Morning Weather

Good Thursday morning!


More snow is on the way.

This will not be a large storm, but it will certainly be a messy one.

We may see a few rain showers this morning, before steadier rain and then snow develops later in the day.

The snow will continue into Thursday evening before tapering off.

The wind will increase through the day and into Friday we may see wind gusts to 40 mph.

As far as accumulations are concerned; it’s tricky.

While the snow will be falling later today, the temperature will be above freezing for a few hours, when combined with the sun’s strength it will make it tough for the snow to accumulate…at first.  

It still will snow 1” to 3”.

Another 1”to 2” this evening. A total of 2” to 4” with a few isolated 5” amounts.

Roads will just be wet during the first part of the afternoon, but as we head toward the late afternoon and evening the snow will start sticking to the roads as temperatures drop from the forties this morning into the 20’s toward evening.

Friday will be very cold and windy!

Have a nice day!