Ken Barlow’s St Patrick’s Day Weather

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

January’s back!

Windy and cold weather can be expected throughout the entire day today.

Blowing snow in Greater Minnesota will continue to drift over roadways.

Sounds like January, not St Patrick’s Day.

But here we are with January-like weather for St Patrick’s Day.

Roads will just be a bit slick this morning, as temperatures have dropped from the forties yesterday morning into the teens this morning.

Also, the wind is making it feel like near zero out there this morning.

A few flurries and/or snow showers will fall today, but blowing snow will be the most noticeable weather element, not any new falling snow.

Light snow late tonight may accumulate to ½” before ending.

Saturday will be very cold and blustery with a few flurries!

Spring arrives this Monday afternoon at 4:24 PM and a warm up will come along for the ride.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Have a great weekend!