Ken Barlow is forecasting a thaw this week

Good Monday morning!The warmup started on Sunday.This morning is much warmer than it was a week ago today. Last Monday the temperature across the Twin Cities was -8 degrees and this morning we are starting out near 20-degrees ABOVE zero.Once the wind subsided a bit in the afternoon, the 23-degree afternoon temperature felt “mild”.The warming will continue today and last through the rest of the week and into the upcoming weekend.The only drawback with the warmer air is the cloud cover, which will be with us all week.The only chance of any snow and/or rain will come later Wednesday night and Thursday. At this time, the heaviest of this storm will sail well to the south of Minnesota, but a few slick spots are possible.The Arctic air is gone.In fact, the mild weather looks as if it will last through the end of the month.Have a great day!Ken