Here comes the sun, and the heat! – Chris

Happy Saturday! The sun is out on this weekend morning, and it’s a welcomed sight after all the rain and storms of the last week. Sunshine takes hold as the day goes on, and afternoon highs top out in the middle 80s. The one caveat… a stray storm could pop up with the heat and humidity this evening, but the chance of that happening is generally low.

The end of the weekend remains warm and humid. High temperatures could make it into the upper 80s, potentially tying records, or setting new ones, for high temperatures. With dew points in the middle 60s, it’s for sure to feel humid. Keep this in mind for anyone running the Medtronic Marathon and other races. Sunshine will continue into Monday, with highs remaining in the middle 80s.

There will be another chance of rain late Tuesday into Wednesday. As of now, the best rain chances look to be just north and just south, but showers are still on the table for the metro as well during this time. Let’s give it the weekend to shake out some of the details, and enjoy what could be our last days of 80s before the winter.
– Meteorologist Chris Reece