Dense fog tonight and tomorrow morning, rain & wind Sunday

Good evening, and happy Friday! Dense Fog Advisories are in place across most of Minnesota into western Wisconsin for tonight through about 11 am tomorrow. Even if you live in a county that isn’t under the advisory, you still will have some fog tonight, and it could be locally dense into tomorrow morning. So take your time on the roadways as visibility may chance quickly.

Tomorrow’s highs are warmer, and back into the upper-40s and potentially low-50s if we get some sunshine. Right now it looks like Saturday is mostly cloudy to partly cloudy at times. Again, if we end up with a bit more sunshine, we’ll see some low-50s in the metro.

Sunday is windy and rainy day with highs around 53° for the Twin Cities, which would be record setting warmth for us (record currently is 46°, 1957). Far northwestern Minnesota could see some light snow and a wintry mix Sunday evening and overnight. Christmas Day still looks to bring rain across most of east-central MN into western WI. However, because temperatures now look colder Sunday night and into Christmas Day, we could see some snow and wintry mix with freezing rain set up across much of western Minnesota as well as northern Minnesota.

A wintry mix looks likely Tuesday and potentially Wednesday. I don’t expect accumulating snowfall for the Twin Cities. Accumulating snowfall is looking more likely across western and northern Minnesota. Unfortunately, any change in temperatures, could likely lead to a chance in precipitation type. Since we are looking at precipitation over four days, Sunday through Wednesday, with varying precipitation type by time of day and location, I suggest people stay up to date with the forecast. Keeping an eye on the forecast will be especially important for anyone living or traveling across western and northern Minnesota. From Sunday through Monday for the Twin Cities, central MN and southern MN, 1″-2″ of rainfall is expected.

Happy Holiday!