Flakes end Saturday night, cold air stays for a few more days

Here’s your Saturday night forecast for October 28, 2023 from Minnesota’s Weather Authority and Meteorologist Matt Serwe.

Scattered flurries continue from time to time in the Twin Cities tonight. Nothing sticks in the metro, but there could be some white grass toward Owatonna and Mankato. Road conditions will be fine overnight into Sunday morning. The cold air is stuck for the next few days. Highs on Sunday remain in the mid 30s, with wind chills in the 20s all day. In fact, daytime highs will stay in the mid 30s all the way through Halloween.

Another wave drops south Monday night into Tuesday, and this one could be timed right to get some snow to stick. Since the snow is coming when the sun is down, and a couple of nights in the 20s will keep the ground cold, the grass likely turns white for most of eastern Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. Concrete and asphalt hold warmth a little better, so it could be a little tougher for it to stick on roads. We will keep a close eye on this over the next couple of days and let you know if the morning commute on Halloween could be slippery. Any snow totals would be under an inch. Regardless, the snow and clouds clear out for trick-or-treating. Make sure the costumes are warm, because temperatures Tuesday evening likely fall into the upper 20s and low 30s.