Dangerous wind chills move across Minnesota and Wisconsin

Here’s your Saturday night forecast for January 13, 2024 from Minnesota’s Weather Authority and Meteorologist Matt Serwe.

Forecast First Alerts continue Saturday night through Sunday and Monday for dangerously cold wind chills across all of Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.

Temperatures are dropping below zero across the Twin Cities, and they could stay below zero until Tuesday. Parts of western Minnesota are already feeling wind chills from -30° to -40°. At those temperatures, frostbite is possible in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. That is why these temperatures are truly dangerous. The wind chills stay -20° or colder for all of Minnesota through Sunday and Monday. Limit your time outside over these next few days, especially overnight or in the morning. If you do need to be outside, remember to wear several layers and cover up exposed skin.

Tuesday morning will likely be bitterly cold as well, and then we finally start to be just plain cold. Highs this week remain in the teens and single digits. No major snow chances are in the forecast. Flurries and light snow showers are possible on Wednesday and Friday. Any accumulations would be light at best.