Cooler start to the week

Good Monday! The start to the work week is a little bit cooler when compared to the temperatures across Minnesota in the last several days. For the Twin Cities metro, morning temperatures are about 10 degrees colder than 24 hours ago, and afternoon high temperatures are unlikely to make it out of the 20s.

A midweek warm up is still on tap! By Wednesday, afternoon high temperatures could make it into the lower and middle 40s! 40s will stick around through Thursday. That’s ahead of the next storm slated to impact Minnesota.

There’s still uncertainty with the next storm system expected to impact Minnesota. As of now, it appears likely that there will be a storm that will bring both rain AND snow. Uncertainly lies within the exact track of the system, how quickly the transition from rain to snow occurs, and how widespread that transition is. THE BOTTOM LINE: Another impactful system looks to be on the way. How much rain and or snow you get in your backyard is a little tricky to nail down at this point, but stay tuned to Minnesota’s Weather Authority through the week.

Meteorologist Chris Reece