Big warm-up this week leads to rising rivers

Here’s your Sunday evening forecast for April 9, 2023 from KSTP Meteorologist Matt Serwe.

A line of broken, light rain showers are moving through the Twin Cities early tonight. If you live south of the metro, you stand a better chance of an hour of light rain before you go to bed. Even though that is the last mention of rain for several days, river communities need to watch for rising river levels this week. There are a handful of river Flood Warnings out in southern Minnesota, and more will come this week. The prolonged very warm temperatures will cause a rapid melt of most of the snow, and it will run right into rivers.

Speaking of those temperatures, highs in the Twin Cities return to the upper 60s on Monday, and then the mid to upper 70s on Tuesday. It is possible that we get back-to-back 80° days on Wednesday and Thursday. Even the record high of 83° is within reach on Wednesday afternoon! By the second half of the week, a front will slowly drag its way across Minnesota and Wisconsin. That brings rain into the forecast Friday and Saturday, and a return of cooler than average temperatures by next weekend.