Big Temperature and Weather Changes the Week Ahead for Twin Cities.

Lots of quick Weather Changes ahead for Twin Cities the next 7 days and beyond into next Weekend.  Mild Today and Monday for late February with highs near 50 degrees ( Average High 32 degrees ) then 62 degrees Monday ( Record High Monday February 26 is 64 degrees set in 1896 which is also Twin Cities Record Highest Temperature for February.

Tuesday will start Sunny in the Twin Cities with Temps in the Morning in the low to mid 40s then Cloudy, Windy and Colder in the Afternoon with Rain developing by 4 p.m. and Mixing with Snow by 5 p.m. and changing to all Snow by 7 p.m. with 1″ to 2″ Snow Accumulations by 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Wednesday will start with Slick Roads and Gusty Cold Winds along with Morning Temps in the low 10s and Wind-Chills near 0 degrees.  High Temperatures on Wednesday will be Colder than Average in the low 20s ( Average High 34 degrees ). 

Sunny with Gusty South Winds on Thursday and temperatures climbing back into low to mid 40s Melting and Snow that Accumulates Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. 

Much Warmer Friday with Breezy Conditions, Sunshine and highs in mid to upper 50s then not as Breezy Saturday but Mild with highs near 60 degrees.  Next Sunday March 3 could bring temperatures into mid to upper 60s in Twin Cities with T-Storms some Strong next Sunday. 


Mainly  Sunny  this  Morning  then  Partly  Cloudy  this  Afternoon.

HIGH:  50  Degrees.  

Wind: West-Northwest  at  5  to  10  mph.


Partly  Cloudy  with  Rain  Sprinkles  possible  6  p.m.  to  9  p.m.

LOW:  36  Degrees. 

Wind: East-Southeast  at  5  to  10  mph.


Sunny  and  Mild  with  Gusty  Winds. 

HIGH:  62  Degrees.   (  Record  High  64  set  in  1896  )

Wind: Southwest  at  10  to  20  mph.


LOW:   40  Degrees.    


TUESDAY…………43 / 12 AM Sun then PM Clouds & Windy with Rain after 4pm then Mixing with Snow by 6pm & Changing to Snow after 7pm with 1″ to 2″ by early Wednesday. Chance for Rain to Snow in the Evening is 90%.

WEDNESDAY……23 / 20 Cloudy with Light Snow to Flurries by 4 a.m. followed by Cold & Gusty Northwest Winds & Afternoon Clearing. Chance for Light Snow until 4 a.m. is 90%

THURSDAY……….42 / 32 Partly Cloudy to Sunny & Windy.

FRIDAY……………..57 / 38 Sunny & Windy.

SATURDAY………..60 / 45 Sunny & Warmer.

The average low and high for the extended period is 18 and 34 degrees.

     Metro Area Climate Data for Today.
Average High….32
Average Low…..17
Record High……58 set in 1976
Record Low……-23 Below set in 1967
Sunrise:…..……6:58 a.m.  
Sunset:………..5:54 p.m.