Wolves fans keep busy in Dallas to keep minds off possible sweep

Wolves fans keep busy in Dallas to keep minds off possible sweep

Wolves fans keep busy in Dallas to keep minds off possible sweep

Timberwolves fans are diving into Dallas tourism to stay busy as they await Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals that could mark the end of Minnesota’s season.

Dallas tourism officials said having Wolves fans in town is a positive economic impact for the city.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS caught up with a proud Texan who wants to share his love for the state with Minnesotans.

In the heart of the Dallas Arts District, there’s a familiar sight for Minnesotans: a sign reading “St. Paul Street.”

“We are very excited having y’all down here. Welcome! We love our Minnesotans,” Joey Ayers, Texas resident, said.

At Kylde Warren Park, a Dallas fan favorite, we found Joey Ayers.

“What you need to do while you’re here, though, is go towards The Colony. There’s green spaces up there. We have Nebraska Furniture Mart if you’ve never been in the restaurant,” Ayers said.

He was born and raised in Texas, but he’s no stranger to the Twin Cities.

“Never had walleye before I went there. It’s good,” Ayers said.

But he said the food in Texas is big competition.

“You can have anything you want. You can throw a rock and hit Chinese food, Indian food and Mexican food,” Ayers said.

“We went to eat at a place up the road, it was great,” Tony Villalobos, Timberwolves fan, said.

Some Minnesotans in town for the Timberwolves game set their sights on the notable Texas barbecue.

“We went to Ferris Wheelers. It was amazing. You can’t beat Texas barbecue,” one Timberwolves fan said.

They’re also trying their best to beat the 90-degree heat and humidity.

“Our ancestors settled in the north for a reason. I can’t handle this heat,” another Timberwolves fan said.

After three losses, Wolves fans are hoping the team brings the heat for Game 4 on Tuesday.

“It’s priceless for us. Every 20 years we can afford this,” one Minnesotan said.

Fans explained the price tag on traveling to Dallas and snagging tickets was well over $1,000.

“There’s no amount of money the tickets would have been where we would have not come to these games,” one Timberwolves fan said.

In the meantime, Minnesotans are sightseeing in the Lone Star state to take their mind off the next game, which could mark the end of the road for the Wolves.

“You have to take a lot of the good and the bad, but if you stick with them the winning is more pure than anything,” Villalobos said.

The Mavericks and Timberwolves will tip off for Game 4 at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.