With extension for expired licenses and ID cards coming to an end, Minnesotans asked to make plans to renew

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As an extension due to the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end, Minnesotans with expired or expiring driver’s licenses or ID cards must make a plan to renew their identification.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division (DPS-DVS), the extension Gov. Tim Walz signed last year to extend the expiration date on some driver’s licenses or ID cards to March 31, 2021, is coming to an end.

DPS-DVS states there are about 300,000 Minnesota driver’s license and ID cards with expiration dates between March 13, 2020 and Feb. 28, 2021 that were extended to March 31.

Meanwhile, those with a driver’s license or ID card that will expire March 1 or later must renew by the expiration date listed on their card.

DPS-DVS is sending renewal notices to cardholders, with translations available here.

Minnesotans can renew online here for standard driver’s licenses or ID cards that do not require name, address, signature or driver’s license number changes. A person’s record is updated as soon as the online application is complete, DPS-DVS states.

DVS warns Minnesotans of private, unaffiliated license renewal business

Minnesotans can also renew in person at a regional DVS exam station, deputy registrar or driver’s license agent office. This option is also required for Minnesotans who are making changes to their driver’s licenses or ID card, or are applying for a REAL ID or enhanced driver’s license or ID card. DPS-DVS encourages these individuals to pre-apply online here before visiting their local office.

"We have never seen these numbers because we’ve never had a pandemic of this proportion," DVS Director Emma Corrie said. "My message to Minnesotans is to have a plan. Most importantly, do not wait until March 31st because that’s when it limits our abilities to efficiently serve you."

The Feb. 28 extension for commercial driver’s licenses is also coming to an end. According to DPS-DVS, roughly 10,000 commercial driver’s license holders must renew by Feb. 28. There is the option to renew online if changes to name, address or license number aren’t required.

DPS-DVS reminds Minnesotans that, starting Oct. 1, they will not be able to use a standard driver’s license or ID card to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities—rather, a REAL ID, enhanced driver’s license or ID card, passport or passport card, or other form of acceptable identification will be needed.

"We will also be opening all of our DVS exam stations for six Saturdays, starting Feb. 20, specifically for this purpose," Corrie added.