Wisconsin physician shares experience after getting COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Zis Weisberg lives in Minnesota but is an OBGYN at Westfields Hospital in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

Weisberg told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS there was a lot of emotion at the small hospital once the Moderna vaccine arrived last week and doctors and nurses lined up to receive their initial shots.

“It was emotional, for sure, I would say,” Weisberg said. “I saw people that were teary, you know, tears of joy and I think this has been a big deal for everyone because it has affected every single person’s life across the world this year.”

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Weisberg said the initial vaccinations came at a critical time because smaller hospitals and clinics were seeing their staff stretched thin over the past couple of months as the number of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continued to climb.

“It was a lot of stress for the doctors and nurses and it was equally as stressful for their families,” Weisberg said. “And we had doctors and nurses who were out and we were facing a critical shortage and we were worried about it and the vaccine arriving has been very uplifting.

Weisberg said his side effects have been minimal and he will receive his second shot in 28 days.