Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota housing several big cats from Tiger King Park

The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone says it has accepted several big cats that were seized by federal officials and removed from the private zoo in Oklahoma that had been the center of the "Tiger King" saga.

Federal officials seized 69 protected lions, tigers, lion-tiger hybrids and a jaguar from Tiger King Park. Owners Jeff and Lauren Lowe were hit with numerous citations for failing to provide adequate care, nutrition and shelter for the animals.

Last cat out of the Tiger King Park bag as seizure completed

The Wildcat Sanctuary didn’t say how many of the 69 big cats it will house and care for but all of the animals have been accepted into accredited sanctuaries around the U.S. while federal officials seek their forfeiture. The Wildcat Sanctuary also said it has offered to transport and permanently house any of the smaller wild cats that remain at Tiger King Park, if needed.

"This is a historic and important seizure of 69 big cats. I am thankful for the coordinated effort of several accredited sanctuaries and federal agencies to ensure these cats were safely removed," Tammy Thies, founder and executive director of The Wildcat Sanctuary, said. "The Endangered Species Act is a federal law designed to protect endangered animals and I, along with the entire accredited sanctuary community, am very relieved that these big cats will receive the care and nutrition they desperately need and deserve."